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Re: Diaper stashes?

Originally Posted by Sarahknavy View Post
We use all prefolds and covers with a few emergency flats and 3 pockets for baby sitters. I still have everything from my son but I am going to see off all my thirsties and get blueberry mini/ coveralls instead. The thirsties velcro is crapping out after just one kid(on the MED). So... we are looking into other options. I agree that duos fit the best on little bitties.

I am new at sewing. Super super new. I am going to start making some fleece covers to fill in the gaps. I also hope they work better over the cord. We used disposables with Isaac until the cord fell off because the PUL covers just rubbed too much.

We had 24 diapers for my son and washed every day... so I say min of 48 for twins. I think we had 8 covers. I would stick with that and wash daily until they move up in size. It took about three weeks to get to 9lbs when we started using smalls instead of newborn.
Yup, Thirsties aplix is crappy. I had 6 covers that the aplix went on, all of them were size 2, and considering they were only used for 1 kid, with a LOT of wool covers too, and he PLed at 17 months... Not impressed. I actually contacted Thirsties about it and they offered to replace them, but I forgot about it because he PLed so soon and it is way too late now. I think they were used for about 6 months total, in huge rotation. No huge deal, I will just do snap conversions as best I can, but I will never buy another aplix cover.
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