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"CD 21" progesterone draw...really high #?

My friend TTC issues has me stumped. Here is a bit of her background. She is an American living over in London (and she hasn't really gone to see a doctor yet). She and her DH have been TTC a month shy of one year. She never had regular cycles and required hormone shots to start AF as a teen. She was on BC for a few years prior to her start of TTC.

Anyway, she finally convinced a doctor over in London to do a progesterone draw for her to see if she is O'ing. Here is her chart from last cycle: She had the draw taken on CD23 and CD25 since her cycle length seems to be a bit longer than average. She just got her results via phone (a receptionist gave them to her and she didn't make an appt to go over them yet with a medical provider). CD23 draw was 43 and CD25 was 58. Doesn't that seem high?

Anyone have any experience with this?
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