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need support

DD#1 turned 3 today. We've been talking all summer about no more milkies when she turns 3. I nursed her before bed last night and again, we talked about saying goodbye to the boobies. She did ask to nurse at 3 a.m. (she's been in her own crib/bed since 17 mos. and night-weaned since 23 mos., BUT she's been sneaking into our bed at night for a couple weeks, just recently), but we got through the morning fine and she fell asleep in the car at naptime and transferred to her bed.

Then she woke up from her nap and was absolutely hysterical. I have NEVER seen a tantrum this bad. Her eyes were still red at bedtime! And I wound up nursing her because I just couldn't bear it. And we got through the rest of the day and even bedtime without milkies.

But here's the thing. I'm 35 weeks pregnant. I do NOT want to nurse two kids. So please reassure me that weaning is an okay thing for me to be firm about right now. That DD#1 will, despite the drama, actually survive this transition. Because I am tired and not very rational, and hubby works in another state Monday a.m. to Friday evening, so this is all on me.
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