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Re: Do you think this is an impossible schedule for DH?

DH is feeling encouraged because my father had the same exact schedule with me growing up. He would come home, bring my older sisters to school, sleep, make me breakfast, sleep and then bring me to kindy at noon. I played with my dolls and read books until it was time for school. Then when I got out of kindy, I'd go back home with him, he'd sleep, and then I'd just wait for my mom and sisters, who would then play with me and read to me. My dad is saying it's doable because he's been there, done that.

And as to supplementing my income with another job, that's completely impossible unfortunately. We have a social circle where many other moms do this and I'm the only one with an actual career and a decent income. We live in a city where the taxes constantly go up (we pay 4k in property taxes for a home with less than a quarter of an acre of land) and with a dwindling job market in our area, it'd be foolish to quit.

I asked DH about this again last night and he just said "Can you please just let me try? If it doesn't work, we can turn to the Y, my mom, or even your mom. But I really want to try." Then he went on the roof to patch our I couldn't be mean to him and nag. He's trying.

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