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Re: AUGUST 2011 chat--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

Sorry I'm never around Mamas, I just don't have time to keep up with everything!!

The BEST ways to follow me are definitely facebook & then my blog.

I'm uploading pictures from Vinnie's birthday party right's a quick update on him/us:

He'll be one tomorrow (8/8) but we had his party Saturday. He's about 20 lbs 5 oz and almost 29" tall. He's a chunky little guy.

He can stand unassisted for a few seconds & then sits down. He starts hands/knees crawling at 10 months, after several months of army crawling.

He creeps around furniture but isn't quite ready to walk. (I think a few more weeks....)

He is still highly allergic to corn. We haven't re-tested his reactions to bananas, sweet potatos, avacados, or any of the other allergens he has reacted to.

He can only eat special cheerios (made from rice/potatoes), rice chex, rice puffs, and rice krispies--all of which are also gluten free.

He eats cooked meats with no flavor on them, chicken, sausage, steak, roast, etc.

He can also have small amounts of fresh fruit like peaches, apples, and canteloupe, but if he has too much then he has a reaction.

He is still nursing strong, but does drink breastmilk or watered down juice from a cup or bottle.

I had my biopsies on July 9/10 and both came back negative for cancer. BUT, my breast biopsy site is no "abnormal". I got an infection immediately & then a week later got mastitis at the site. Now it is a VERY large lump, like the size of a cherry (where as before it was smaller than a pea). It is red & has a bullseye type look on the outside of my skin and is swollen, where as before you had no idea where it was.

The thyriod biopsy was actually more painful (initially) but is now fully healed & fine. Unless it swells I'm on regular 6 month check-ups for that.

I also have regular 6 month check-ups for the boob, but I'm going to see an LC soon & see if she thinks I should push for another follow-up.
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