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Me and my daughter dont get along!

I am so frusterated...I swear I think my daughter hates me.

She will be 9 on the 20th, so I know a lot of this is just her age, but personally, her attitude has been there for a while, without knowing really what to do or say when it started, she got away with a lot.

Now that I am putting my foot down, I have been for a while now, it just seems to get worse. Almost every thing out of her mouth is rude and I seriosuly can't stand to be around her sometimes.

Examples of things she does are huffing loudly, or stomping her feet when I ask her to do something. Crying because she isnt getting her way, she has even thrown herself of the floor before when I told her she couldnt play outsde with friends till she finished her chores.

She does have a 3 yr old brother, and yes, some of this fit throwing I know is becuase she see's him do it (although, not that often)

I have tried not talking to her till she can be polite, if she slams the door, I have made her open it, walk thru, shut it...over and over till she can get it right. I have grounded her, write sentences.

A few weeks ago she called me lazy, (her friend wanted her to ride her scooter since that is what she was riding, so my dd asked me to open it up for her, I asked why, cause she hasn't touched it in months since she got a new bike. DD said cause her friend wants her to ride it, and I asked what does SHE want to ride, dd said she'd rather ride her bike, so I told her to stand up for her own choice and ride her bike) so she comes out to the living room and tells her friend she will just ride her bike since "my mom is lazy and wont fix my scooter" So anyway, I was so mad, I saw red, I literally wanted to beat the crap out of her (ok, exaggerating of course), I would never ever even think of saying something like that to my mom. So I told her that since I am too 'lazy' she can do the house work. She cleaned the house for hours while I just watched.

She was gone at summer camp last week (left Wed came home Mon) I missed her so much, she missed me, I picked her up at 6pm, had a happy reunion "yay, Im so happy to see you" and did you have fun and bla bla bla. I had told her when we get home I need her to go thru her bag and get her dirty clothes out and put them in the laundry room that's it, no clean your room, no regular Monday night chores, just let me start laundry, and instantly she start whining and complaining and just going back to her regular ol self (we have a 45 minute drive home so this was in the car moments before we pulled in the driveway).... So effing sick of her attitude...

Ok, sorry for the book, thanks for reading if you got this far. I just feel like whatever I do makes it worse, and she hates me more and she wont stop and I don't even ask her to do much either. It is not just about the chorse, just everything, her attitude, but moslty towards me. It just hurts.
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