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Re: Pregnant with twins

Originally Posted by Adaline'sMama View Post
3 monkeys- how do you know that your di-di identicals are identical? Appearance? Mine are di-di and if they are the same sex (we dont know for 3 weeks) I wonder if we will be able to tell if they are identical or fraternal.
We had the DNA test done when they were 6 months old. Mainly b/c they looked so similar but also NOTHING like our ODS...we thought that was weird. At birth we didn't really think they looked much alike, one had a round face with squishy cheeks and one had a very oval shaped face with squishy jowls (the bottom part of his cheeks? Is that the right word? LOL!). We noticed as they got bigger they seemed to look more alike and we had to really look to figure out who was who if they weren't together or were fresh out of the bath. My fraternal twins would be OBVIOUSLY fraternal if they were the same gender...they don't even look related! LOL!
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