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Re: The Big Mamas August Thread

Hi, Mamas... Can I join you? I'm looking for a place where blathering about weight and diet stuff won't bug people. Can I blather here?

Your name Maria
Starting Weight 230
Current Weight 230
Short-Term Goal (ie. "X" by valentines/March) 225. It's small, but I have seen 229 on the scale A LOT and 227 a very few times, but 225 never (in recent memory).
Long-Term Goal 180ish.
Weight Lost to Date 0, but I'm just starting tracking
Weight Loss Plan I'm replacing breakfast and lunch with whey protein shakes and vegetables and one protein serving (hummus or cheese stick) and then I'm having a reasonable dinner with my family. I'm usually a big exerciser, but lately work has been crazy. I need to get back to it big time!


PS--Heather, you look awesome! Congrats!
Mama to K, June '07, and T, born Dec '10.
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