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OMG help me. He just doesn't sleep!

Ok he does go to sleep. But DS (18 months) will wake up about 3 to nurse, then will wake up again in about an hour or so. Some days he just keeps waking hourly until about 6, other days it takes a long time to get him back to sleep. Like today, I was trying to get him back to sleep since 4:30. at 5:30 I finally gave up and brought him outside. I nurse him and he will fall asleep most times, but when I move him to the bed, he wakes up and kicks and screams. I try nursing him laying down but he won't sleep that way.
We co-sleep and My 4-y-o DD sleeps in bed with us too. So I can't let him cry and kick in the bed.
Help me! I'm about to lose my mind, This has been going on for a couple weeks now. He's never been a good sleeper but sometimes its better than others, right now its horrible. Mama needs some rest!
oh, he's never NEVER STTN (like the entire night), but then again, DD didnt until she was over 2. I just keep waiting.
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