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Menstrual cramps??

i'm just sitting here and am experiencing some menstrual like cramps on my right side. i had this alot with DS. some said that is because that is the side i ovulated on, my MW said it was normal stretching. i don't think it happend THIS early though with DS. i am 13wks+2days. this morning i had a dull back ache on and off for a bit. other then those 2 things i feel fine. i looked it up online and found others had questions about this around 13 weeks and people had said it is just round ligament pain/stretching of the uterus, etc. i have my 2nd MW appt. on friday-hoping all goes well!! (oh i'm a little gassy too and last night struggled with constipation-pushing very hard! maybe that contributed to my low back ache this morning?)
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