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Re: sleeping schedule

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
We are a scheduling family here as are our friends. We schedule beginning somewhere between birth and 3 weeks depending on the baby. It is 40-45 minutes is a very common interval for babies to awake. Most will fall back asleep if they have learned to self soothe and have eaten well and had sufficient waketime throughout the day. We shoot for naps 90-120 minutes from birth on and do very very well with it, despite occasionally waking at that 45 minute mark. We feed our babies, keep them awake about 30-45 minutes after eating (change diaper in there) and then lay them down when drowsy for a nap. Drowsy means reading your baby's sleep cues. For many its that first yawn, restless movement of their heads or the first fuss. This is the happy sleep window! Early tired = likely to fall asleep happily and unassisted. This way we are assuring they aren't hungry, diaper is clean and dry, and they are ready for sleep after some socializing and activity. We have very little difficulty guiding our babies to this routine. Generally 2.5-3 hours after we woke them and fed them, they are awakened and fed again. that's we do with smashingly successful results. GL finding what works for you!
This is pretty much me. Although dd2 was never a great napper. She was a fabulous night time sleeper though so I just had to kind of go with it.

I have to say, even if you decide a schedule/routine is not for you, the KEY to sleep is watching for those sleep cues. (and at 8weeks they will be within an hour of waking) I can't emphasize it enough. If you catch that window of sleep right, putting them down for a nap is easy. Miss that window and try and put an overtired baby down and you'll have a screaming child. I always thought my dd1 was hungry when she was crying and with dd2 I realized that dd1 had been overtired!! No wonder she was always crying. She wanted to go to sleep and I kept feeding her!
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