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Re: Educate kids about danger without scarring them for life?

Someone posted on another site recently about how we shouldn't teach kids to fear strangers, we should teach them about "tricky people."

I really like this approach and find it to be much more realistic, since kids often think that if a person introduces himself and is nice, then he isn't really a "stranger." It tries to get kids to focus on specific things a dangerous adult might do, whether complete stranger or a family member or friend. Like that an adult should never ask a child to keep a secret from his parents, or an adult should never ask a child to do something without checking with the parents first. Also, adults don't ask kids for help, if an adult asks you for help that person is being tricky and you need to get a parent. I also like that it instructs children to find a mom with kids if they are ever lost. I know a mom with kids is still a "stranger" but statistically speaking your child is much less likely to be kidnapped by a woman with other children with her than whatever strange man approaches a lost child who looks scared and confused. Oh and know what your body is called. If a child says someone hurt her fronty, that might be a red flag to the right adult who is paying attention... but if the same girl says someone hurt her vagina that is a fireball and everyone will stop and pay attention!
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