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Re: Me and my daughter dont get along!

This is exactly the case. They argue all the time...Jera will be down there playing and then come home and say Lux doesnt want to be her friend anymore. The girls are sisters and have an older brother (who Jera doesnt get along w/ at all) and of course when the brother picks on her, they argue and then the sisters take his side. I have tried to explain it to her but since her brother is so young still she just doesn't get it yet.
This does pass, hang in when the girls get into these squabbles try to let them figure it out on their own. You can offer suggestions(ie, taking a break from playing with each other for a few days, playing with a different friend, etc) Just word it so that she has choices without it seeming like you are telling her what to do(even if she picks an option that isn't the best one).

When I was working in an elementary school every day the Grade 3 girls(and half the time the Grade 4 girls) would do this stuff. Every day it was the same thing, over the same issue and often went from recess to recess to recess. It would get to a point where I'd just look at them and tell them that they seemed to be having a rough time getting along this recess, perhaps it would be a good idea to go play by themselves or find someone else to play with and next recess see if things were better. TG I am at the highschool this

I should just say it needs to be done and she shouldn't question me about it.
This typically doesn't work, unless they're in a helpful mood. If they are not in a helpful mood it will never work, they will find fault with it & start to argue just because they can. Don't feed the dragons when they start doing this. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and remind yourself all the reasons why you wanted kids in the first I find giving them a timeline to do something works better than the do it because i said so. Kinda like when they were 2-3 and you may have given them warnings that you were leaving a playdate/park.

oh, forgot this earlier. If she slams doors - take it off. Doors can be earned back. We just moved to a house we had built and the girls were warned months ago that if they slammed a door once it was gone.
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