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Re: Educate kids about danger without scarring them for life?

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
None of the abduction attempts have been in my county, they've all been around Des Moines. The 2 little girls are in Evansdale...and really there I think the parents had something to do with it.

I discussed it with them a bit and we'll just keep going over it.

It's just so scary I don't always have time to take them outside (cleaning, naps for the baby, etc)

I hope they catch this guy soon!! I hate being so nervous all the time
that does sound really scary! even if they catch him though, of course he isnt the only crazy weirdo out there. my kids dont play outside ever on their own. i know it takes a lot of time to work in activities with multiple ages but thats just the world we live in.
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