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Re: Child Support Plus Extras

Originally Posted by erkelly View Post
After reading all the responses, WOW!! This child does NOT need a 3rd set, that is ridiculous! Especially if she doesn't work, she has plenty of time to do a load of laundry between practices! And if your in laws bought 2 sets, and she bought none...where is her contribution?! He sounds like my step sons mom...greedy and wanting money and trying to milk you for all you're worth.

For the record, if a step kids custodial parent was reasonable, hard working and actually a good person, I think the non custodial parent should do all they can to help with extras on top of child support. I would if my step sons mom was a good person. But she's the devil so she doesn't see us bending backwards to meet her demands.

Also, why is YOUR income being taken into consideration for your step sons child support???? When we went to court over custody of my step son, MY income was blacked out on all income tax papers filed through the court. To my understanding, they are only supposed to take the bio parents income in consideration. If they have no income or are willfully underemployed, they take into account what the bio parent could/should be making. Like if I were a millionaire, and DH married me and quit working, the state would take into consideration what DH could be making and use that as his child support contribution.
Yes! I am the custodial parent & my ex has a long term partner. My husband's income & the income of my ex's partner are irrelevant. The law only looks at my income & that of my ex. We are the parents. We are responsible.

I'd seriously consider calling a lawyer about amending the current parenting agreement so it's set in stone & there will be nothing for her to call to ask about. Then if she has a problem, she can call her lawyer to discuss it. Here, the non-custodial parent is responsible to insure the child if their job offers insurance, but if their job doesn't offer insurance, then they are not responsible though I do have a legal agreement beyond that as to who is responsible for co-pays & what insurance doesn't cover. That is NJ law but I don't know about other states. I'd see what the laws are where you live since your dh is not at a job that offers insurance. Custody agreements very often discuss extra curricular activities & who pays what for those, like football expenses. Whether it's one parent or the other pays or if there is a percentage that each parent pays. I find it's best to have everything spelled out in super specific details since it's leaves less to argue over. People figure they don't need a detailed custody agreement & they can just figure it out down the road but if you could just figure things out easily with that person, you'd probably still be married to them. It's so helpful & clears up so much stress.
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