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Originally Posted by myclanof6
There is a boy in our nursery that has severe nut and milk allergies. Because kids are kids, we have only "approved" snacks in there, even though he isn't in there all the time. It's just easier that way and the other moms don't mind either. We decided we would rather be safe than sorry, since all the moms interacting with most of the kids at some point. Would it be possible to only have snacks that are approved by you?

Autocorrect has helped me type this.
Not making excuses for them- but this church is a different cultural background. Even if they didn't hand out the Korean snacks all the kids are used to- there would still be soy in the lunch provided. so basically... I have to wear DS (yeah- right! Too mobile now) if I really want him away from it. They know of his allergies- I've told them multiple times yet the kids still eat their snacks wherever (sometimes in the exersaucers because they don't have enough hands) then ds will use it- or sometimes he'll try to grab one. They do wipe things down though... Supposedly everything is cleaned each week... But I kind of doubt that. Idk. I know I need to be his advocate & go as far as I can without butting heads too much. The woman in the nursery loves him beyond words so she always has eyes on him or holds him when she can.
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