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Originally Posted by songbird516
To me it's the really early ones that pose almost no benefit and can cause a lot of stress. Dating ultrasounds are only important if a practice is really strict about due dates, I think. If doctors would let babies come when they are ready, the EDD wouldn't be nearly as much as a concern. Obviously it's more important with multiple gestation pregnancies or babies who have to be born earlier because of birth defects, etc, but an ultrasound at 10-12 weeks is still relatively accurate, and there is a lot less chance of a misdiagnosis of no heartbeat, multiple babies that don't make it, etc. And an ultrasound at 5 or 6 weeks can't really tell much of anything other than how many babies and if it's living. And even then, it's not guaranteed to be accurate. It's too early to see most birth defects. The original question is, "why do doctors do EARLY us?" Early US can't diagnose DS, spina bifida, heart or brain defects, intestinal problems...or anything like that. So their usage is limited and sometimes causes a lot of stress.
For instance, because of early US we now know that a lot more pregnancies start out as twins than actually develop as twins. I personally would be happier not knowing that there was a twin than knowing there was one that didn't make it. But I guess that's why I don't do the early US
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