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Re: Child Support Plus Extras

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
Just read your update after posting my previous response.

That's awesome. And no, he doesn't need the brand name if a comparable product was available at cheaper price!

I think it's awesome that you decided to step up and help. As the person who used to be "that kid" who's mom needed help with extras ON TOP OF the child support... thank you.

God bless!
yeah, like I said, it was never the issue of "helping", it's about getting the best bang for my buck. I mean I am not going to send him used underwear, but under armour is not the same thing, at all. If he did need underwear, I'd buy him new ones, but would find the best deal. And I don't necessarily mean cheapest. For example, I like to buy my 2 y/o Gymboree undies. They are amazing quality and last forever. I have some from her 6 y/o sister that are STILL great and look like new. So I wait for them to go on clearance and then buy them (around $2 a pair). Sure I could get some at wal-mart for like $5 for 6 pairs, but they fall apart and stain horribly, so its not necessarily the best DEAL. I'm all about balance, bargains, and saving money wherever I can.
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