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Re: Child Support Plus Extras

Originally Posted by DalesWidda View Post
Oh Natasha, you always try so so hard! Sounds like a good compromise, but honestly, a last minute request? ugh! I get very little from XH, only $260 mandated and he is paying $100 extra each month for back support. It sucks that I get so little but he doesn't make much. I do ask for help now and then, like I asked him for another $100 for Mariah's religious books for school and Savannah's homeschool group fees. He and I usually go in on birthday/Christmas gifts if there is something they really want. Also he has to pay half of everything not covered by insurance, like when Savannah gets braces he is supposed to pay half. Anyways, point is, I wouldn't ask at the last minute unless I really didn't know til the last minute. Like I asked him two weeks ago about the book fees and told him that as long as he gave it to me by the end of August it would be great. I try not to be a jerk, you know? Sounds like this woman just lives to drive you plum crazy!
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