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Originally Posted by jbug_4

I agree. You no longer have the option of letting people get by without taking proper precautions. No one wants to butt heads, but if you want him to stay at that nursery you need to butt heads if that is needed. You need to be more assertive and if they don't want to accommodate then you need to move on. Go to a different church, get a baby sitter, whatever. Going with the flow isn't an option anymore. I quit my job because we couldn't find a care provider willing to take the steps needed. The real kicker is that I was a preschool teacher at a school that was peanut free and dd was on their waiting list. A part time spot came open and instead of letting me put dd in part time they gave it to someone else and dd stayed on the list for a full time spot. 2 months with no spot and dd's provider tried to keep her separate during meal times, but refused to go peanut free or keep her epi pen. I quit and stayed home. I have already said we chose dd's school for kindy based on their allergy handling. Its a public charter with no buses. I will have to drive her and pick her up everyday- rain, snow or shine. Not that I would actually let her ride the bus for her local regular public school- morning buses are very bad for peanut allergies. When I told her doc that she would not be on the bus the doc was actually relieved that wasn't a conversation she would have to have. I always expected that I would drive my kids for kindy then they would be on the bus. But that isn't going to happen.

Its not the world we expected or planned, but its the one we got. And its the one we're working with.
I get this. I stay at home too- I'm nervous about when he'll start kindy. Unfortunately another church is not an option- DH is a youth Pastor here. I know I need to be more proactive. It's a pain to be a b**** . I guess I can tell hem to leave him in the crib while hey feed the others- and deal with his screaming. (which I myself would not do) or I guess I'll just provide snacks for everyone... Which again I feel like I shouldn't have to do- but hey. Maybe they won't give other allergens (besides lunch to the kids). Technically IDK why they even need to give them lunch because the whole congregation eats together- so I'd think that the kids aren't going to eat with mom & dad. Snacks should be enough. I'll talk to DH about it- but TBH I don't think he sees ds2s allergies for what they really are either. :/
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