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Re: Do you think this is an impossible schedule for DH?

Dad did this when I was the youngest so no newborn to factor in. He also didn't have to commute over 100 miles a day.

Morning kindy wouldn't work either. I have to be at work before 8 and my commute is half an hour. DS will need to be dropped off between that time frame, so DH would still be stuck with bringing him to and fro, thus losing sleep either way. I've tried for 3 years to find a job closer to home, but they all want huge pay cuts that exceed my commuting expenses. Not doable for us right now. DH has been trying to find a job closer to home as well, but all the places are only looking to hire for a few months, and since DH handles our insurance, also not doable. We're really stuck between a rock and a hard place in regards to better jobs in RI. I really, really wish staying home was an option, but then we'd only be able to make the mortgage and a few utility bills...and we still wouldn't qualify for any assistance.

I'm willing to let him try it though, because he really thinks he can. Our back up plans are:

-relying on his family (who haven't been very reliable at all)
-asking my mom and dad to help out (either she moves in or I bring baby to her)
-YMCA after school program for our oldest or something similar

We'll figure it out though. DH is a bit hurt that I have no faith in him but I'm thinking of his health too. It has nothing to do with his ability to parent. I know he's a good dad.
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