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Exclamation !Need Advice ASAP! DD crawling out of crib. What do I do?

DD just started crawling out of her crib tonight. Tomorrow we plan on breaking it down into a toddler bed b/c if we don't she'll break her neck b/c it's a long fall. We are in the middle of a move and just got our stuff today. She's been in a pack n play for the past week and we've virtually gotten no sleep b/c she is waking up every 1-3 hours and gettting up. I have no doubt that's what will be in store for us tonight. We were so happy to finaly have our bed and not sleep on the floor and now we have to go through another sleepless night. Please tell me what you do to keep your toddler (mine's 18months) in the bed. We are not opposed to spanking but would prefer to use it as a last resort. Do you make your child just stay in there room? Do you make them stay in the bed? What do you do when they want to get up and play? Please please please assist me w/this. We are just at a loss and want to be consisten and make sure she is taught what our expectations are. We do shut the door at night to her room b/c we tend to turn the tv up louder at night. I thought about buying one of those tv monitors so I wouldn't have to open her door every time I want to see what she's doing. Please offer some advice. Thanks so much.

I just don't know what to do and I'm about in tears.
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