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My sister has a rule with her kids that if they are fighting and scrapping with their siblings then they are not allowed to have friends over or go to a friend's house. They have to have at least 3 consecutive days of no bickering if they want to play with friends. If at the end of day 2 or 3 they start fighting then they have to start the 3 days all over again. Her kids are very kind to each other and really don't fight much at all using this system. It's amazing actually. She has 5 kids.

I have another friend who insists that if her kids have been fighting that they have to sit on chairs facing each other and hold hands for 10 minutes. They have to think of something kind to say about the other person, and they don't get to play with friends if they aren't kind to their own siblings. She has 9 children and they are SO kind to each other, I almost never see them fight with each other.

I personally have a rule that if my children are bugging each other that it means they are bored and don't have enough to do so it's time to do extra chores for me or pull out some math workbooks. This is usually pretty effective. When we've been traveling I've insisted that it means my oldest needs to go read alone for a while, chill out, have some alone time.

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