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Re: Aug 6th weekly chat

Paula- enjoy your day "off"! I'm at work today even though it is my DUE DATE! Obviously, nothing yet really happening and I didn't have any excuse to stop working...

Mo- Thanks for making me feel better. It's funny how hearing other's mistakes make our own smaller

I had my "last" OB appnt yesterday- I HOPE! She said I'm 4 cm and 90% effaced and through our conversaton implied that the OB made a mistake at the hospital abt my effacement. At least, that's how I liked to interepret it But, it all is moot if I'm not having many contractions or pressure...

Plus, it's all for the best because I was actually able to finish painting one of the kids dresser and almost finished the other one. Nothing like waiting for the last minute! Also, finally got my kitchen floor mopped when I couldn't sleep last night- it was making me nuts with the stickiness from all the fruits the kids have been eating...and dripping!

Hope everyone- new mamas and mamas to be- are doing well!
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