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Originally Posted by HeatherlovesCDs
The first earthquake I was ever in was last year. I'm on the east coast and I'd never felt one before. It was a total shock and it took a few seconds to really figure out what it was. We were 20 miles from the epicenter. It wasn't nearly as strong as some that have hit the west coast, but it was definitely strong and a couple things fell from my mantle.

I have 5 kids 6 and under (5 and under at the time). The first thing I did was start yelling for the older kids to get out of the house while I went to get the toddlers about 1.5 at the time). It stopped before we actually got out. But, I thought of nothing except getting my kids out of harms way. It makes total sense to me you would do the same.
I would of been freaked out to if I had never been I an earthquake before but you should look into some earthquake safety because running outside is very rarely the right think to do because of power lines and tress....
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