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Re: Me and my daughter dont get along!

Originally Posted by Bear Family View Post
Nope, not an instigator. As I said before, I only happened to ask since I thought the bike was broke again then she said she would rather ride her bike. Now if she had said she actually wanted to ride her scooter then it wouldn't have been an issue. We have been trying to teach/show her than she can be her own person while still playing with her friends and doesn't have to always do what they want to do.

If you made her do housework for hours because she told her friend you were lazy then there is a major power issue here. Yes you have supreme power over her and can make her do what you want, ie the housework. But with this mentality you are not going to get what you really want which is a better attitude. You can't treat her that way and expect a different result. This will not change until you recognize the real issue. I am not trying to be mean I have just seen this before IRL which is why I recognized it easily.
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