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Re: Aug 6th weekly chat

Originally Posted by mama2seth&trey View Post
I'm so excited. I got some raw milk off of a friend of mine and I am making raw butter today. I really hope it turns out. I can actually drink this milk too. It doesn't leave that nasty aftertaste in my mouth that I can't stand.
As for baby. I have an apt with the MW today then the chiro this afternoon. I was supposed to work tonight but got staffed off. I'm totally ok with that. I have been telling my husband that it is getting really tiring to work. Come-on I'm only 39 weeks and 2 days. I should easily be able to lift people and bend over to do wound care and stuff. Right. I don't think my husband relizes that my career actually requires physical labor where-as his requires him to sit at a desk and work on computers all day.
Oh man, I'm a nurse's aide, so I totally feel you. I requested to be officially off the schedule starting this month because it was getting to be WAY too much. I would work/come home and collapse. Except I can't really collapse with a toddler running around, and DF was always so baffled on why I was sooo tired. Really, guy? I'm hugely pregnant which is ENOUGH work. Plus me lifting people all the time? Not fun.
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