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Originally Posted by chach4
So had a Dr appt this am. I'm 36 wks, 5 days today. Head still down (YAY!). BuT, doc thinks baby is big, she ordered an US for next weeks appt. She said they aren't always accurate. But if she suspects a 10 lb baby, she said no VBAC for me.
NOOOOOOO. I was so pumped after last wks appt that head was down and id get a shot to vbac.
So just praying that she is misjudging and babe is tiny.
Estimates (by feel and by US) are just that; guesses! There are plenty of cases where baby is estimated to be huge, then comes out teeny tiny. Also, while nobody wants to push out a 10 lb baby, baby fat is squishy! It will squish right out along with the rest of baby. The extra weight isn't likely on baby's head, it's probably on its chunky thighs and belly and those are the easy parts to get out :-) And always remember, they can't force you to do anything! You're the boss of you and this babe!

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