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Originally Posted by jbug_4

I have and will be again doing internet and night classes. Most classes you can get at night. i had one that was 6:00 to 10:00 once a week- that sucked royally but it was a good option to get it done while dh could care for dd (we didn't have ds then). I have 3 years before both kids will be in school full day then I will go back to work part time- still have to be able to pick up and drop off kids. if you can afford a nanny or a good babysitter that might be an option. I was actually very aware of life threatening food allergies before I got thrown into the fire. i had a friend whose son had a peanut allergy (and others)-also how i found out the dangers of the bus- her son had several reactions on the bus when kids got on after eating breakfast and touched him. his driver was allowed to have the epi pen, not all places allow that. Anyway, we have rules for people coming into our house- we have never had a babysitter except grandma (she's an hour away so that is not often)- no food is allowed in our house. If you have someone caring for him in your house where its should be relatively safe. A good babysitter or nanny should have no issues following the no outside food rule or only feed him from this list- nothing else. If you have an epi make sure they demonstrate how to use not just say they know. I keep the trainer that comes with them with the pen so we can show people or have them demonstrate. Easy for me to say dd's 5 and we still have not left her with a baby sitter, but we really don't go anywhere without the kids though. She did go to preschool last year and i did make her teacher show me how to use the epi with the trainer- even though she told me she was trained. She gave me a crazy look, but I am a really nice person and get along with just about everybody. When I dig my heals in people take notice and they don't get offended because they know in general i am not going to fuss or be difficult, but they also know there are things i will not budge on.
Thanks! Nannies/sitters aren't a huge option right now. DH is a full time (with actually double the workload this year because tabs "special" degree) working on his ThM- this is basically the 1st year that he'll start his thesis. Then his job is a youth pastor which takes a ton of time but pays a ridiculously small amount. What I'm currently going for is early childhood/elem Ed- but I need to be in the classroom for it. Also considering switching to nursing- but again- that's full on practicums. I know my time will come when it's right.
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