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Re: Help me solve my dilemma--what would you do?

Originally Posted by mommycass View Post
I would go with option 1 from your choices. Other ideas: midwife coming 3.5 hrs to you or unassisted homebirth. I know most people are not comfortable with unassisted and with the shoulders being a tight squeeze, not sure. My midwife may be out of town when I go into labor so we are thinking of doing an unassisted birth this time
I've thought about unassisted, but with the shoulders being a tight squeeze both times, I don't want to take any chances.

You gave me an idea...perhaps a home birth midwife would be willing to come to my house for the birth (and one more appintment before that so she knows how to get here), but I can drive down there for appointments.

I'm also going to call the doctors around here and see if they have a cash price. The doctor might be more than I thought because the deductible needs to be paid each year, and I'm due in April.

~sigh~ Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations here.
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