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Re: Aug 6th weekly chat

Baby's still hanging out in there. I'm trying to stay ultra-hydrated and rest as much as possible. I told my boss yesterday so that she stays in the loop and now we're trying to get all our scholarship notifications out in a hurry. They should have been out 3 weeks ago, but she couldn't get around to making the decisions quickly enough with everything else going on in the office. So now we're trying to get them done before I leave it for someone else to try to figure out my system of notifications. We have our Teaching Symposium on Tuesday and I think I almost have everything ready for that. Just have to assemble name badges and print signs to put around the Conference Center. One of the other girls in the office will help me on Tuesday so I have less running around to do, and just in case. Everyone in the office is trying to keep me stress free and help with anything that requires any kind of physical activity. I work with some great people!

I couldn't imagine working as a nurse or anything that requires such physical activity right now. I'm usually a very active person, but now all I want to do is sit and put my feet up. I'm really thankful for my desk job. Kuddos to you ladies for working so long. Just remember to get some rest for yourselves at some point.

One of my friends in the office let me know that she and another lady are worried because I'm not having my baby in the hospital. Said she respects that it's my decision, but she's worried nonetheless. I tried to reassure her that I'm in good hands, that I'm really not far from the hospital if need be and that I trust in my body's ability to birth this baby. I don't think it helped. But it was nice to hear from my mom today that she trusts my decision and knows that it was a well-thought out one and that I am in capable hands. I worry more about a normal birth in the hospital. But then again I just don't like hospitals.

Paula- I hope you enjoy your day off. It sounds heavenly!
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