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Re: Dissapointing MW appt. :(

Umm- I know what you are saying about feeling like you are wanting to replace your pregnancy. My DH is having a really hard time not believing that one of the babies that Im carrying is somehow a rebirth of Charlie. I dont feel that way, but he really does. He feels like we were given a second chance at the same kid- it's hard for me to process that he feels that way, but I see where he is coming from.

Im glad your baby is healthy, and Im sorry you didnt get what you wanted.

I have to tell you, your description of you begging in prayer really got to me. I have doubted any higher power for a long time, and when I was holding my son for the last time I remember looking past all of what was around me and begging god, pleading and begging with him to not take him. Through the tears and the snot and all of it. And I didnt get it. It sucks to not get what you want, when you want it more than anything you've ever wanted in the whole world.

Ill be thinking of you
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