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Re: sleeping schedule

Originally Posted by pottermomma View Post
Lol yeah I would prefer more but I have nothing to compare him to so I wanted to ask. Thanks ladies. And I would baby wear but he's huge (12lb or more and 23") so it is hard on me because I'm pretty small or I would.
you can still babywear . I wear my 2 yr old on my back and my 11 wk old on my front at the same time and I am small. I also wore my 2 yr old my whole pregnancy and he is about 28 lbs. When I just wear the baby, i wear him on my back in a beco if I have to get stuff done in the house.

as for your question, I never schedule babies. We co-sleep, so I don't wake them to nurse or anything, they wake when they are hungry. The only time I do that is if we are going somewhere and it's been a while since he nursed, I will change his diap and see if he wants to nurse before we go.
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