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Re: making maternity clothes

It's really easy. In fact I am wearing a pair of pants that I converted myself. You do need a sewing machine, but basic sewing skills are all that's needed.

Easiest if you have a pair of maternity pants that you like the fit of, but not necessary.

1. Remove the waistband. The best way is with a seam ripper. You want to save the seam allowance.

2. Remove the zipper. Sew the zipper flap shut.

3. Measure the length of the crotch (seam where all four pieces of the pants meet) to elastic waistband of a pair of maternity pants you like.

4. Mark the new pants with the same length. (it's generally about an 1.5 lower than the existing length.

5. Purchase 2.5in or 3in wide elastic from a fabric store. You'll need about 1.5 yards (to be safe). Also purchase about a 1/3 yard knit fabric (45 or 60 wide). You'll want a fairly firm knit.

6. Measure the elastic around your belly. You'll want to stretch the elastic a little bit. Add 2 inches to over lap and sew the elastic together.

7. Take the knit fabric. You'll need it to be twice the width of the elastic plus two seam allowances. If your elastic is 3 wide, you'll need the fabric to be 7in (3+3 elastic) PLUS (.5 + .5 seam allowance.) As far as the length, it should be equal to the circumfrence of the waist of the pants. Sew the knit to make a tube. It's still open lengthwise.

8. Seam one side of the knit to the pants. Insert the elastic. Sew the two sides of the elastic and the pants together. Viola! Done.
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