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Re: Expecting our Rainbow Babies in Feb 2013

I have had 7 losses before this one. And all due to PCOS. The longest I went was 5.5 wks 2.5yrs ago. I also was between 200-215lbs.

While I do feel bad, for me because I never made it past a totally positive HPT, I was not attached. But the one at 5.5 weeks makes me sad. I am not 100% but I think part of it was due to getting Toradol at 3.5 weeks due to a sever kidney infection. My beta was only "4" so they didn't count me as pregnant. I found out from my sister that Toradol causes mc's in early pregnancy.

I lost all the weight and felt better than ever due to going gluten free. I didn't even think I would get or stay pregnant because we had not been on any birth control for 3 years and nothing ever stuck. I honestly never thought I would get preg as soon as DH got home and especially while in the middle of having a massive kidney infection.

So this is a HUGE surprise rainbow baby that I thought would/could never happen without severe intervention (IVF). I think I need to play the lottery!
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