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Re: TTC after depo

I got pregnant with DD within 2 weeks of my depo shot wearing off, and I had several complications during my pregnancy which I blame the residual hormones in my system for. Those hormones can be traced for up to 3 years after the last shot from what my OB told me (after she gave me the shot, of course). The complications I had were very rare - amniotic bands (2), circumvallate placenta, placenta previa (which did correct itself in the nick of time...not rare, but I thought I would mention it), amniotic lakes (pools of blood in the amniotic fluid), heart murmur that corrected itself by birth (not extremely rare, but worth mentioning), preterm labor. I had zero complications whatsoever with DS. To say I think depo provera is HORRIBLE is the understatement of the century. I don't do hormonal BC anymore.
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