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Re: Is your baby head down yet?

Update: Although my u/s at 37w2d revealed the baby was breech, a repeat u/s at 40w0d revealed that the baby has now flipped head down.

I have decided to proceed with the schedule C-Section at 40w2d, but have a little mommy guilt because the baby is now head down. I would have had no mommy guilt with a breech baby. But trying to reassure myself it's ok because the C/S will be on my FIL's b'day which I think is cool & I did refuse a 39week repeat C/S. The main goal is healthy baby & healthy mommy - I'm trying to keep this in mind. My doctor did not want me go longer than 41 weeks based on my medical history, so going 5 days earlier than 41 weeks isn't too bad, especially when my Mom is here to help now, but would not be able to help us next week.
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