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Re: My 4 1/2 yr old had to get cavities filled.

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
That's really great! I need to find a good dentist for my kids, the one I took ds1 to traumatized him bad.
This office has been through a few, and only one was bad.

The first was awesome. But he transferred to a different clinic in the chain.

The second was great too..she got pregnant, had a sub in to cover her maternity leave, then decided to be a SAHM, and the temp dentist left.

Then they hired the JERK! My son said that his mouth really hurt (this was right after his younger brother had to have an emergency trip to the dentist), turns out he was faking for attention, and the dentist was really rude to me and told me to stop wasting his time.

The next time I went to make an appointment, I asked the office manager if they still had that guy. He said "We had to let him go." Apparently he had a great resume and interviewed perfectly, but they had so many clients threaten to leave if this guy stayed. So they fired him.

And this guy, who we've seen several times now is just awesome.

God bless!
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