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Originally Posted by oneduckstuck5

Fear not! I've used that comment many a time myself. Usually people either shut up real quick or laugh. I think if they have the audacity to make the comments they do, the answer is completely fine. You're married for pete's sake! A friend of mine just yesterday told me that a friend of hers was pregnant with # 7 and of course was getting all of the comments. She responded with "my husband just can't keep his hands off me" (and this was someone from my church). I personally thought it was funny.

Children are a blessing but unfortunately in this society children tend to me viewed as an infringement on "me time". I will say that I believe not everyone is called to have a big family but those that are should be respected.
I use that, too! And so does dh. Someone says "ya'll know what causes that don't you?" he says " yeah! And I LIKE it! ". (big smile of course). Most people laugh hysterically but he works with several snooty people at his office and he says a couple of the nosy women that said that comment to him turned red and wallked off when he said "yeah and I like it". HA!!!!

Now people AsKmif we are gonna have more. I usually say "why, do you think we should?". It takes them off guard.

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