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Re: Me and my daughter dont get along!

Originally Posted by pumkinsmommy View Post
See I think that the mom caused the issue. If she had just let the girl go play with her scooter it wouldn't have happened. This is a vicious cycle that will continue until the mom learns a different style. Until there is insight there can't be any change. Things will continue and get worse.
Wow really?

I have tried to explain the whole reasoning behind the bike thing. Let's try a different way. Yes, I asked, I had a reason for asking about the scooter, I thought her bike was broke, it wasn't for trying to get in the middle of her friendship. The reason I had such an isue about it is because of her response. She flat out told me she didn't want to ride it, and would rather ride her bike. As a mother, in that moment in time (because of other issues about her being her own person around her friends), I felt it was my job to explain to her that she in fact she could be her own person and decide on her own. I was not trying to instigate a fight with my (almost) 9 yr old. The fact of the matter is, I asked, for valid reasons IMO, under NO circumstances should it have turned into the attitude I received in return.
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