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Re: Me and my daughter dont get along!

Originally Posted by jennym91005 View Post
OP- i actually think everything you have said you have done is correct in my eyes. i have a 5 yr old son who i dont get along with most of the time lately. he is defiant and does what he knows hes not supposed to. it is so frustrating! and i dont know what to do about it either. i know how you must be feeling. one thing you said that i feel exactly the same about is that you should be able to tell her to do something, and thats that. youre the mom you shouldnt have to explain yourself (you know, to a point, i think kids can ask questions and all that, but if you say it, it should get done). anyway, im dealing with the exact same stuff right now, dont have any answers, but wanted you to know you arent alone. if you figure out how to fix it, can you let me know? its tough!
Thank you!!!

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