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Re: Me and my daughter dont get along!

Originally Posted by Michelle_M View Post
Slamming the door:
My step dad told me "The next time you slam that door you'll loose it." And sure enough, I slammed the door and he took it off the hinges and put it in the storage shed. I didn't have a bedroom door for about two weeks.

If I didn't give my mom my laundry when she asked for it, she said "Fine, I'm not going to wash it, you can do it yourself." Yep, I eventually ran out of clothes. Then my clothes pile was big enough that when I VERY POLITELY asked my mom to do my laundry she said "No, I have other laundry to do. You want clean clothes, wash them yourself." And guess what, I washed my clothes myself.

Didn't want to clean up my room? My step dad gave me until a certain day. Said if it wasn't clean by the time I left for school the next morning, he'd go in and clean it for me, with a trash bag. Came home to find A LOT of my stuff missing (he actually put the trash bag in the shed, and just let me THINK he threw my stuff away.. .after a week of keeping my room clean he gave me my stuff back. Told me that next time he'd throw it away for real.

Called my mom lazy ONCE. Her response... next time I asked her to do something for me, her response was "Oh I'm sorry, I'm too lazy."

And guess what all that taught me in my house.... to treat my parents with the respect that they deserved, because to GET respect, you have to EARN it by being respectful to everyone else in the family.

Good luck.
God bless!

Yes, I agree well said.

I never have had my door removed, but I did have my toys removed. We have also done this with Jera in the past, but it has been a while. Laundry...I threaten it all the time, but I have a fancy HE washer that is even hard for me to figure out, seriously, I have to leave myself notes on which cycle name for which load, and I wont even let DH touch it. But I was doing my own laundry at 11 so if this keeps up for that long she will surely find herself in a pile of laundry. For now, I am ok with me washing, folding and her putting her's away.
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