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Re: Me and my daughter dont get along!

Originally Posted by musicalisa View Post
OP, I also have a 9 year-old daughter and I teach 9 year-olds LOL... I am surrounded by the kind of behavior you describe! I know what you're talking about. One of the things that has worked a little with my daughter is discussing expectations *before* something happens, and also setting boundaries (i.e. if she wants to whine and mope and cry that's fine - but she has to go do it in her room with the door closed).

I can't even imagine what puberty is going to be like...
Yes, I agree...I have been doing this. Like today, she was playing with her brother's toy (she picked it up when he went to the bathroom) when he came back, naturally he wanted it back. The attitude started within seconds. No, I want to play with it, in the most annoying voice ever. I told her to give it back, she ignored me and continued playing. I just looked at her and said I asked you to give it back, you can play with it later, don't pout, don't grump, don't argue, just give it back and be done with it. She did...and the issue was done, but see, that's part of the problem even though I am glad that it wasn't a bigger isue, I hate that I had to say it twice, for the time being I am fine with saying 'this is what I expect...and then what I want' But I still think I should just be able to say it, and it be done.
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