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Re: Expecting our Rainbow Babies in Feb 2013

Mine are hard to put a date on and not knowing hurts my heart so I try not to put too much importance. I felt pregnant since Dec 2010 after my period came back in Nov and I spotted in Dec (3 months postpartum)and for 3 months was told I wasn't by multiple blood tests and ultrasound. In the mean time I was bleeding, cramping and in pain. Feb 1st I went to the hospital because I was in so much pain I thought it was either an ectopic pregnancy or my appendix bursting. Blood work and ultrasound was negative and I was given a heavy dose of pain killers, 28 days later I passed what looked like an organ. Spooked I made an appt with my ob earliest appt was mid March and finally a blood test confirmed I was pregnant and a follow up blood test confirmed my #s declining.

OB said I must have been pregnant for at least 3 months and when she did an ultrasound there was still something in there. I miscarried the first twin for about a month and a half then had a 2 week respite period and miscarried the 2nd for a month and a half. The miscarriage was finally caught on the 2nd twin. I KNOW we had to have conceived in Dec because during this whole time of bleeding and pain there was no activity. My first reaction was GREAT ITS NOT CANCER! or anything else that's terminal! After a few months I started mourning the loss and I'm still mourning the loss to some extent.

Sometimes I feel guilty, maybe they would have survived if I hadn't gone to the hospital and received such a high dose of pain killers. After obsessively reading about twin pregnancies it seems that quiet a few of the ladies ended up in the hospital with pain or something and had their pregnancies confirmed. Maybe I should have waited. *sigh* Its done so no use going there but I still wonder sometimes.

So mid March is when I found I for sure that I was pregnant and miscarrying and by the end of April everything was finished. That was my first miscarriage and my current pregnancy is the first after a loss.
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