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Re: Lets See Your Canning Shelves

Originally Posted by chloecat View Post
i posted these pics in the farming thread, but i wanted to share my pictures here with everyone else and it's nice knowing you all will love them!! Please post pictures of your own setup. i want to see what you all have canned

it's almost full!! got to get more jars and then i have another shelf on the other side of the room that will get filled up! still need to can for the year... spagetti sauce (yes more) potatoes, pickles, beets, pepper relish, salsa, applesauce, & more green beans. We go through about 2 jars of spagetti sauce a week here for various meals and snacks. i have 40 jars canned so far. so i need at least double that. and we eat about 1-2 jars of beans a week too.

pictures the whole shelf

bottom shelf--soap curing, onions and potatoes

next shelf--spagetti sauce, beets, carrots, applesauce, pumpkin from last year

next shelf--this one is smaller in height and i use it for my little jars. strawberry and black rasberry jam, pickles, salsa, relish, sauerkraut

top shelf--cherry mash (moonshine), chicken stock, potatoes, carrots, greenbeans

Would you share your spaghetti sauce recipe please.
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