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Re: If not canning, what else can I do with a ton of garden tomatoes!

My parents freeze them whole. I am not sure they even blanch them. I am fortunate enough to have my parents live around the corner and never have downsized their garden after the kids moved out. I "freezer and shelf" shop at their house all winter long from all the produce they can/freeze. I actually just made homemade spaghetti sauce using some of the whole tomatoes they froze. All I did was take them out of the bag, run them under hot water and the skin came right off. Took the stem out, chopped em up and mixed in all my seasonings etc. Thru it all in the slow cooker and let it cook away. They also make their own ketchup and have canned and frozen it. They make tomato soup and freeze it too. They have 1 huge deep freeze and 3 little ones plus the freezer on both refrigerators packed with garden goodies! Let me know if you would like a recipe for any of the above mentioned and I will call my mom and get the recipe. I can also ask if she has any other ideas. They are always trying new things!
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