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Originally Posted by naynaygoesrawr
I'm praying for you I had this happen to me and it ended up being a blighted ovum. This is where it is just an empty pregnancy sac. My body would not miscarry on its own and I had tons of blood work where my levels were rising but not doubling. I also had multiple internal ultrasounds and there was nothing. It was absolutely heartbreaking and I pray yours ends up just being late ovulation. My heart is still breaking for my pregnancy and the pain I went through. If you need to talk feel free to message me.
This was exactly what I experienced. I would ask for another u/s next week because the unknown is very taxing mentally--I could not do it for 4 weeks. I had to have a d and c because my body would not miscarry, and I only had to wait two days, but it was an awful two days.

On the other hand, I had an u/s with my ydd at about 4.5-5 weeks, and there wasn't a heartbeat yet. One week later, there it was flickering away!
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