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Re: TTC after depo

Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 View Post
I can only say bad things about the Depo shot. It completely messed up my hormones...I had no issues getting preggo before I started taking that shot...after taking it for a year I stopped to get pregnant...I started having miscarriage after miscarriage! Found out it messed up my hormones where I no longer make enough now if I want to even have a chance at getting preggo and carrying to term I have to take prometrium. I also no longer make enough breastmilk due to my hormones being messed up...I have to take meds for that too so I can make enough milk. I tell everyone I know to never take that shot...worst decision I ever made!

I stay away from all forms of hormonal birth control now...

I have had 3 more babies since that shot...but it is very hard to get each one of them...but I did hang in there and hopefully soon you will get your baby!! :-)
This a lot of what happened to me after Depo. It also caused PCOS in me.
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