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Re: I keep wanting "just one more"...

Originally Posted by lilac0226 View Post
I have a 7 week old and am already getting sad that she is growing too fast and that I will never be pregnant and have a newborn baby again. My first pregnancy was a singleton and I loved all the snuggle time, my second pregnancy I had twins and felt like I didn't get to enjoy them being babies because the needs were so constant with two babies that it made me want another. Then I got my "just one more" and I am loving the baby time. I love all my children and having a house full of chaos but logically I know I should be happy with what I have but I definitely can relate to the feeling of wanting one more. I had all boys until the 7 week old, so now I also think I wish I could give her a sister, as if there were any way to guarantee that. I have good pregnancies, my worst symptom was tiredness, easy vaginal births, and easy babies so I think that also contributes, if I had bad pregnancies, c-sections, and colicky babies I doubt I would be as longing to do it all again.
Yeah, I have a a not quite 6 week old and I already want at least the "just one more" I also would like another boy since I have 4 girls and only one son and he has twin sister.
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