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Re: Aug 6th weekly chat

I don't know, I never got in to any sort of "swaddling blankets." I actually recommend them to my sisters and friends, but I personally just use whatever I have around the house. Plus, my kids (so far) didn't care either way for them- thank Gd they were/are great sleepers!

I've been timing my contractions for the last 2 hours bec. I'm one day overdue (I'm surprised bec. my other two were a few days early). Basically they are coming on average between e/ 12-15 minutes, though the last few were much more painful. The beginning I was able to walk around and do laundry. Now when it comes I have to stop and b.r.e.a.t.h.e! Hoping to have the baby before the weekend!

Chach- hope you feel better and are able to rest up!
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